a rendered image of a football player catching a ball

Animating People

Animating people well requires an understanding of how people move and how to describe what they're doing (so you can compel the animation
to do what you want).  Both of these are valuable to the vision community.  I have written a fair amount on human animation, and in the review I
try to put tracking and motion synthesis ideas together.  


David A. Forsyth, Okan Arikan, Leslie Ikemoto, James O' Brien, Deva Ramanan, Computational Studies of Human Motion: Part 1, Tracking and Motion Synthesis, Foundations and Trends¨ in Computer Graphics and Vision Volume 1 Issue 2/3 (255pp), 2006 

I have been fortunate to work with two very strong students on animation.  You can find Okan Arikan's work here, and Leslie Ikemoto's work
here.  Leslie seems to get interviewed quite often (here, and here).  Leslie and Okan are starting a company together (animate-me).


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