CS-419 Production Computer Graphics

MP - 2



Using whatever programming tools and languages you favour, build a simple ray tracer. Your program should

Use this program to produce a set of images showing the effects of an area source, depth of field effects, and motion blur. It is fine to show all in one image. I am looking for good illustrations, so spend more time thinking about the composition of the scene and little time thinking about efficiency, reading primitives, and the like. You should provide a few sentences or some arrows pointing to these effects in the scene.

Grading: I will look for correctly rendered effects, and then place some weight on the aesthetics of the picture. If you have implemented a K-D tree speedup, you may claim a small number of bonus points. Please mention whether you have done so in the submission.

You may do this exercise in pairs. Images are due 25 Feb. Email them to me at daf@uiuc.edu, with "CS419" in the header


Producing an image

I have had some queries about how to produce an image. Make an array and stick it into a function taken from a library. Good possibilities include: Libtiff, Freeimage, and OpenImageIO. Google and Wikipedia can help here.