CS-419 Production Computer Graphics

MP - 3



Using whatever programming tools and languages you favour, build a simple path tracer for a diffuse scene. The scene should

Your program should use russian roulette for variance control, and should produce at least two images. These could be of the same scene, at the same viewpoint. One image should show variance effects resulting from relatively few paths per pixel. The other should use many paths per pixel to produce a good-looking render. The effects of diffuse interreflection should be obvious; one good way to achieve this is to have a white surface close to a colored surface, so that you can see colored interreflections.

Grading: I will look for correctly rendered effects, and then place some weight on the aesthetics of the picture.

You may do this exercise in pairs. Images are due 26 Mar. Email them to me at daf@uiuc.edu, with "CS419" in the header