MP - 3: Reconstruction



Obtain the Voodoo open source camera tracker from http://www.digilab.uni-hannover.de/docs/manual.html#download and use it to obtain camera parameters from some video sequence. Now insert an object into this sequence using these camera parameters.

This is a straightforward exercise, because the Voodoo manual will show you how to do this. Voodoo has a modeller in it, and you may use Voodoo's modeller. This exercise is worth a total of 10 points; I will offer 8 points for doing the exercise entirely with Voodoo, 9 points for doing the exercise using a different modelling or rendering system, and 1 point for really cleverly chosen models or renderings.

You may do this exercise individually, in pairs, or in groups of three. Videos are due 15 Nov. Email them to me at daf@uiuc.edu, with "CS419" in the header