CS-498 Applied Machine Learning - Homework 7

CS-498 Applied Machine Learning

D.A. Forsyth --- 3310 Siebel Center

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13:00 - 14:15 OR 1.00 pm-2.15 pm (in old fashioned time)
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Tanmay Gangwani gangwan2@illinois.edu

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Anirud Yadav ayadav4@illinois.edu

Office Hours

DAF Mon - 14h00-15h00, Fri - 14h00-15h00

or swing by my office (3310 Siebel) and see if I'm busy

Evaluation is by: Homeworks and take home final.

I will shortly post a policy on collaboration and plagiarism





Homework 6: Due 17 April 2017 23h59 (Mon; midnight)


You should do this homework in groups of up to three; details of how to submit have been posted on piazza.

Submission: Homework 6 submission details TBA (Piazza).