CS-498 Applied Machine Learning - Homework 8

CS-498 Applied Machine Learning

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Evaluation is by: Homeworks and take home final.

I will shortly post a policy on collaboration and plagiarism





Homework 9: Due 8 May 2017 23h59 (Mon; midnight)


You should do this homework in groups of up to three; details of how to submit have been posted on piazza. You must use tensorflow.


Details and description subject to minor changes

This homework is optional, and is intended for remission of sins (i.e. if some other homework was submitted late, went bad, got eaten by the dog, etc.).


Denoising autoencoders: We will evaluate stacked denoising autoencoders applied to the MNIST dataset. Variational autoencoders: We will evaluate variational autoencoders applied to the MNIST dataset.