HW 2: Waypoint Following PID

In this HW, you will implement PID controller to follow waypoints along a path on the simulator.

At this link, you will find a code template, as below:

What you do:

Fill in the code snippets marked with "# TODO: ..." with something that makes sense.

How to run

Assume your ROS workspace locates at `$WS_ROOT`. Please place folder `gem_waypoint_pid` under `$WS_ROOT/src/POLARIS_GEM_e2/polaris_gem_drivers_sim`.

Then `rosrun gem_waypoint_pid follow_waypoints.py`. You should see vehicle move in the middle of the road in the simulator.

What to be submitted

Please submit the following:

  1. Your completed `gem_waypoint_pid`
  2. Two videos showing the running of your PID contollers with two sets of P, I, D terms.