CS-544 Optimization in Computer Vision

MP 3



Choose one image per class from the CIFAR-10 dataset of images (look it up!). For each image, use k-means to reduce the number of colors to 32 (you can use a different colormap per image or one for all 10 images - your choice). Now for each image, prepare a noisy version using the following procedure. For each pixel, sample a Bernoulli random variable with probability 1/32 of coming up 1 (and 31/32 of coming up 0). If your sample has the value 1, then replace the pixel value with a value chosen uniformly and at random from the range 1-32.

Denoise your 10 images using the simple MRF model. You should choose 2 of the algorithms listed below, and compare their performance. You may use any codes you happen to find helpful -- this exercise isn't really about writing code. Notice you will have to choose the parameters of the model. Follow the guidelines in the MRF notes.


This is a broad MP intended to be educational. I will grade on quality of experimental concept and of argument from data. Submit PDF's to me by 10 May. Email them to Shruti at shrutib2@illinois.edu, with "CS544" in the header