CS-498 Probability and Statistics for Computer Scientists

D.A. Forsyth --- 3310 Siebel Center

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MWF 1320 DCL, 09h00-09h50

TA's: Saurabh Singh (ss1@illinois.edu) and Daphne Tsatsoulis (tsatsou2@illinois.edu)

Office Hours:

DAF: Monday, 10h00-11h00, Wednesday, 10h00-11h00, Friday, 10h00-11h00 (3310 Siebel)


Saurabh: Monday 14h30-15h30, Wednesday 14h30-15h30 (Siebel Center downstairs TA office for 400 level classes)

Daphne: Tuesday, 14h00-15h00, Friday, 14h00-15h00 (Siebel Center downstairs TA office for 400 level classes)





Homework 1: Due 2 Feb 2015 (Mon; midnight)


You should do this homework on your own -- one submission per student, and by submitting you are certifying the homework is your work.

Submission: Homework 1 submission will be via Compass. Submit your answers, graphs, and other responses as a PDF


  1. Choose six of the nine problems at the end of chapter 2 ("First Tools for Looking at Data"), and do them
  2. Do all the programming assignments at the end of chapter 2, using any environment you care to. HINT: we support R and Matlab.