CS 598 Readings

Instructors: D.A. Forsyth

Time: Tue, Thur 15h30-16h45, 3403 Siebel



How many objects are there?

How many words does an author know?

Nonparametric coverage methods - The Chao-Lee estimator that Ian talked about

Using priors on partitions to estimate coverage

My notes on Dirichlet process and Pitman-Yor processes; in preparing these notes, I used:

Dirichlet process clustering

The source of all this stuff

More resources

Deep Learning

Deep Learning Critique


High level perception, representation, analogy: A critique ...., DJ Chalmers, R.M. French, D.R. Hofstadter, J. Theoretical Experimental AI, 1991 - Saurabh

Multitask learning


Structure Learning


Latent Dirichlet Allocation

Spectral Learning


Some Feature Selection