You might get some useful information about the overall shape of the course, but the homeworks, dates, etc. aren't quite the same!


CS-498 Probability and Statistics for Computer Scientists

D.A. Forsyth --- 3310 Siebel Center,

MWF 1320 DCL, 09h00-09h50

TA's: Michael Sittig ( and Nik Spirin (

Office Hours:

DAF: Monday, 10h00-11h00, Wednesday, 10h00-11h00, Friday, 10h00-11h00 (3310 Siebel)

Michael Sittig: Tuesdays, 14h00-15h00, Wednesdays, 17h00-18h00, Siebel Center downstairs TA office for 400 level classes

Nik Spirin: Thursdays, 17h00-18h00, Fridays, 11h00-12h00, Siebel Center downstairs TA office for 400 level classes


or swing by my office (3310 Siebel) and see if I'm busy

Evaluation is by: Homeworks, Midterm, Final exam

I will shortly post a policy on collaboration and plagiarism




Read the textbook. I wrote it specifically for this course, AND it's free. I will split time in lecture between sketching important points described in the text, and solving problems. If you haven't read the text, this might be quite puzzling.


The midterm will cover up to the end of Ch 8. I expect to set questions that are quick and straightforward tests of memory and concepts, rather than require complex manipulations. You should look at Homework 5, which consists entirely of example questions from past midterms. Although it is due after the midterm date, I'd start early if I were you.


Required Text:

Probability and Statistics for Computer Scientists, D.A. Forsyth, (approximate 6'th draft)


(or at least, a record of what I have lectured and prospective information about what I shall lecture)

Week Material
1 Ch2, all material
2 Ch4, all material
3 Ch5, all material
4 Ch5, revised Monty Hall; Ch6 up to 6.2.6
5 Ch6, from 6.2.6 to end; (6.3.2 is FYI only); Ch7 up to 7.3
6 Ch 7, to finish; Ch 8
7 Ch 8 (skipping sampling methods and MTG-DAF); start Ch 9
8 Ch 9 in new version (10 Oct); midterm
9 Ch9 in new version, Ch10
10 Ch10,
11 Ch10, Ch11




R resources: