CS-498 Probability and Statistics for Computer Scientists

D.A. Forsyth --- 3310 Siebel Center

daf@uiuc.edu, daf@illinois.edu

MWF 1320 DCL, 09h00-09h50

TA's: Saurabh Singh (ss1@illinois.edu) and Daphne Tsatsoulis (tsatsou2@illinois.edu)

Office Hours:

DAF: Monday, 10h00-11h00, Wednesday, 10h00-11h00, Friday, 10h00-11h00 (3310 Siebel)


Saurabh: Monday 14h30-15h30, Wednesday 14h30-15h30 (Siebel Center downstairs TA office for 400 level classes)

Daphne: Monday, 13h00-15h00, Friday, 14h00-15h00 (Siebel Center downstairs TA office for 400 level classes) NOTE NEW HOURS!

or swing by my office (3310 Siebel) and see if I'm busy

Evaluation is by: Homeworks, Midterm, take home final.

I will shortly post a policy on collaboration and plagiarism




Read the textbook. I wrote it specifically for this course, AND it's free. I will split time in lecture between sketching important points described in the text, and solving problems. If you haven't read the text, this might be quite puzzling.

Required Text:

Probability and Statistics for Computer Scientists, D.A. Forsyth, (approximate 9'th draft)


some slides on nearest neighbors and texture



(or at least, a record of what I have lectured and prospective information about what I shall lecture)

Week Material
1 Ch2,
2 Ch2 finish, Ch4
3 Ch4,
4 Ch4 finish, Ch5
5 Ch5, start Ch6
6 Ch 6, to finish; Ch 7
7 Ch 8 (skipping sampling methods and MTG-DAF); start Ch 9
8 Ch 9 ; midterm
9 Ch9 , Ch10
10 Ch10,
11 Ch11
12 Ch 12
13 Ch 13
14 Ch14




R resources: