CS-498 Applied Machine Learning

D.A. Forsyth --- 3310 Siebel Center

Office Hours Time: WF 14h00-15h00, Location: 3310 Siebel

DAF hangs in sidemount scuba gear, with
left tank in slightly poor trim, over a small submerged wreck interior of a sunken bus, in gloomy lighting,
DAF in sidemount scuba gear looking to the right of view, and pointing
a light

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LINK ISN'T BROKEN I will be absent 31 Jan (sorry!). Also absent 21 Feb, aargh! Check for movies!

Contact policy

I'm quite distracted and am focusing on content preparation. Generally, please do not bring DAF an issue you haven't already raised with a TA.

Questions I've been getting a lot

Getting into the class In the past, we've been able to admit everyone who wanted to get into the in-person version of the class after the first rush settled down. Will this be true this semester? who knows? not me. PLEASE do not come and tell me that you really want to get in, or your cat died and its last words were you should take the class, or something. We're not going to go over an enrollment of 100. Corollary: If you plan dropping, do so early; someone else wants your seat.

Can I get in even though I won't be able to come to lecture cause I'm doing something else, but I'll watch the movies. I think this strategy is unwise, but I suppose it's not really my problem.

Can I audit? The main resource limits on the physical class are physical seats in the room. We cannot have an overcrowded room. If physical seats are open, sure (I'm always happy to have an audience); but please don't take a seat that should be occupied by someone who is registered

Important contact advice

A really common question is: how do I do something in R? Usually, I get the answer to this by searching; I use Google, but you may have a preferred search. If you ask me or a TA this question, and we do this it in front of you successfully you should feel a little embarrassed cause you could have done this for yourself. Warning: we will embarrass you in this way; it's better to do this sort of thing for yourself.

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