CS 498 SIGNALS AI - Notes


  1. Homework 1, Swimming pool detector, due October 6

  2. Homework 2 distributed by email
  3. Homework 3, inserting an object into video, due Nov 15
  4. Homework 4, dynamic time warping/dynamic programming, due Dec 9

Lecture Notes

  1. Intro and Audio Intro (PS)
  2. Vision introduction (DAF)
  3. Introduction to Classifiers (DAF)
  4. Training a Linear Classifier (DAF)
  5. Several topics
    1. More of how to train a linear classifier (Notes above; DAF)
    2. Linear algebra and MATLAB (PS)
      1. dragnet sound (wav file)
      2. dragnet sound, PS singing (wav file)
      3. homer.jpg
      4. Marge.jpg
      5. matlab code
  6. Gaussian Classifiers (PS)
  7. Several topics
    1. Training and testing (DAF)
    2. Image Features, with lots of MATLAB (DAF)
  8. Audio Features (PS)
  9. Principal Component Analysis (PS)
  10. Clustering, k-means and vector quantization (PS)
  11. Visual words, information retrieval and near duplicate image detection (DAF)
  12. Clustering and image segmentation (DAF)
  13. Soft clustering and gaussian mixture models (PS)
  14. Texture and texture synthesis (DAF)
  15. Neat tricks with the Singular Value Decomposition, including recommender systems and video reconstruction (DAF)
  16. Human parsing, and other tricks with dynamic programming (DAF)
  17. Time series and dynamic time warping (PS)