CS 419 Advanced computer graphics

CS 419 Advanced computer graphics


I have found the following books to be helpful

  1. "Advanced global illumination," P. Dutre, P. Bekaert, K. Bala, AK Peters, 2003
  2. "Physically based rendering," M. Pharr and G. Humphreys, Morgan Kauffman, 2004
  3. "Realistic Image Synthesis using Photon Mapping," H.W. Jensen, AK Peters, 2001

It is worth reading the original irradiance caching paper, which is crystal clear. You can find it at the ACM; follow this link.

Aaron Hertzmann wrote a great survey of non-photorealistic rendering: A. Hertzmann, "A Survey of Stroke-Based Rendering", IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, July/Aug 2003, 70-81.


  1. Week 1: Ray Tracing

    Handwritten notes: Basics, Intersection strategies, Sturm sequences and Newton's method

    Slides: Normals, CSG, Intersection speedups.

  2. Week 2: Sampling and Aliasing


  3. Week 3: Distributed Ray Tracing


  4. Week 4: Local Shading Models


  5. Week 5+6: Radiosity


  6. Week 6+7: Stochastic Illumination methods


  7. Week 8: Procedural Shading and texturing


  8. Week 9: Image-Based Rendering


  9. Week 10: Non-Photorealistic Rendering


  10. Week 10+11: Curves and Surfaces 1


  11. Week 12: Tensor products and subdivision

    Slides on tensor products

    Slides on subdivision

  12. Week 13: Animation

    Slides on general animation, including particle systems

    William T. Reeves, "Particle Systems - A Technique for Modeling a Class of Fuzzy Objects", Computer Graphics 17:3 pp. 359-376, 1983 (SIGGRAPH 83).

  13. Week 14: Procedural and Human Animation

    Slides on animation

  14. Week 15: Physical Animation

    Slides on animation


  1. Ray Tracing

    Set on Week 2 Wed 30 Aug, Due 11 Sep

  2. Distributed Ray Tracing

    Set on Week 4 Mon 11 Sep, Due 25 Sep

  3. Photon Mapping

    Set on Week 8 Mon 2 Oct, Due 16 Oct