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O No! It's the baby-eating Bishop of Bath and Wells!

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DAF in sidemount scuba gear looking to the right of view, and pointing
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My recent books


Cover image for Applied Machine Learning

Probability and Statistics for Computer Science


Cover image for Probability and Statistics 
								   for Computer Science

Probability and Statistics for Computer Science


cover image for Computer Vision second edition

CV2E: Computer Vision, second edition



Some family photos

How to contact me





Current courses

Some web pages from recent past courses


Projects by Picture

Understanding Human Activity

a tracker frame
labelled badminton image

Words and Pictures

a labelled image
a labelled image
Depiction and iconography
an image of a zebra
Modifiers and object categories

Shading and Reconstruction

rendered images of a statue
a reconstructed sleeve
Reconstructing cloth
a reconstructed face
Reconstruction from shading

Current NSF Funded Research

  • Current NSF-funded work on human activity
  • Current NSF-funded work on understanding the meaning of pictures
  • Current NSF-funded work on interpreting rooms

Current DHS funded Research


Current ONR funded Research


Slides from recent talks






Currently, UIUC has a really rich community of professors in computer vision.

  • Saurabh Gupta
  • Derek Hoiem
  • Lana Lazebnik
  • Alex Schwing
  • Shenlong Wang
  • Yuxiong Wang

PhD Students, Post-docs, Visiting scholars



  • Aditya Deshpande
  • Brett Jones
  • Kevin Karsch
  • Zicheng Liao
  • Jason Rock
  • Amin Sadeghi
  • Kevin Shih
  • Raj Sodhi
  • Daphne Tsatsoulis
  • Yang Wang
  • Okan Arikan (currently Asst Prof, U.T. Austin; Animate-me)
  • Kobus Barnard (currently Assoc Prof, U.Ariz.)
  • Tamara Berg (currently Asst Prof, SUNY SB)
  • Stephen Chenney (left for UW Madison)
  • Frank Cho
  • Pinar Duygulu (currently Asst Prof, Bilkent U)
  • Jaety Edwards
  • Ali Farhadi (currently Post-doc, CMU)
  • John Haddon
  • Varsha Hedau (currently Nokia research)
  • Sergey Ioffe (Google)
  • Leslie Ikemoto (Animate-me)
  • Nazli Ikizler (curently Post-doc, Boston U)
  • Erik Learned-Miller (currently Asst Prof, UMAmherst)
  • Nicolas Loeff
  • Deva Ramanan (currently Asst Prof, UC Irvine)
  • Alex Sorokin (currently at Crowdflower)
  • Duan Tran
  • Gang Wang (currently Asst Prof, Nanyang Technological University)
  • Ryan White (Euclid media)


Administrative work

  • Porn committee: I served on an NRC committee on web pornography; here is the report.
  • Letters and Science major: I used to chair the Computer Science L+S Steering committee at UC Berkeley. Most people encounter this committee through dealings with the L+S advisor, Barbara Hightower
  • UC Berkeley admissions policy: I served on the UCB AEPE (Admissions, Enrollments and Primary Education) committee for a period of six years, 1995-2001 (a lively period in the life of this committee, due to changes in California law). The committee put together a comprehensive assessment policy that is now widely regarded as a model policy (described in a report ; more stuff is at the current committee page ).











Other Older Books

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In Chinese

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In Japanese

japanese cover

In Russian

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